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Momentum Financial Group


Tax Planning and Advice


Geelong and Horsham 


As part of our business consulting services, Momentum Financial Group can assist you with tax planning and advice. The tax rules allow you to structure your business affairs to legitimately minimise the tax you pay. Proper tax planning uses business and family tax structures to minimise tax. Using our market-leading tax knowledge we research, study, train and challenge so we can deliver the best possible outcome for you. We know the opportunities and traps of the taxation system and use this knowledge to proactively deliver profitability and financial security for your business.


Make an appointment at Momentum Financial Group for business advice on your tax planning to ensure that you are getting the best possible outcomes for your business. More than business consultants we can also help you with investment advisors and accountants Horsham and Geelong.

You can also find out more about year-end tax planning tips below: