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Momentum Financial Group

Medical Professionals

Horsham and Geelong  

We have three categories of medical professionals:

Part 1:  1 -7 Years Experience
During the early phase of your career there are distinct issues to deal with, for example: negotiating your placement, do you rent or buy a property, how to reduce income tax, how to get a sound financial foundation to provide the platform for wealth and success...

Part 2: 7 -15 Years of Experience
After being in the industry for some time, you probably have now started to accumulate some personal wealth, you understand the commercial issues of the industry. Your focus now expands to reducing mortgage debt, creating tax savings and accumulation of personal investment assets.

Part 3: 15 + Years of Experience
Now as an experienced practitioner you are focused on significantly creating personal wealth and managing your taxation exposure. You need a highly specific tax structure to manage your high disposable income and estate matters. A focus also exists on Asset Protection and Retirement (Lifestyle) options.


Momentum Financial Group has been working with the medical industry since 1977 and is regarded as the leading adviser to Medical Professionals. Unfortunately there are many Accountants that claim to be specialists in this area, but very few are. Understanding the law and needs of our clients is critical and we have a very different approach to servicing our Medical clients.

We have a dedicated team that works in this division and some of our key differentiators are:

  • We never recommend an investment that pays a commission (never!)
  • We have the back end tax support of Deloitte Tax Division. You are getting top international level expertise through our firm.
  • We have a division that understands your industry and we understand how to deliver value to you.
  • We work on fee for service and do not charge by the hour. Charging by the hour is unethical in our view; why should an inefficient firm get paid more than an efficient firm...?
  • We have a reporting format that allows us to meet you, discuss and advise you in a short period of time - we understand you are time poor.
  • We happily come to your clinic for meetings at no extra cost to you - we service our clients properly.

At Momentum we are currently looking for more business in the medical professional portfolio, phone us at our Geelong office on 03 5221 9133. We can also help you with investment advisors and financial advisors Geelong and Horsham.