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Momentum Financial Group

Investment Services

Geelong and Horsham

Momentum Financial Group has been working with financial planners for 20 years and has seen 'the good, the bad and the ugly'. We have seen that many of these businesses fail to understand the principals of investing. The typical portfolio has a handful of direct shares, some managed funds, poor performing cash/fixed interest products and a lack of direction.

Our advice is values-based and when you understand the power of this approach, your outlook on life will change too. Our business is focused on the key issues that drive portfolio performance and reduce portfolio risk. We are passionate about what investment strategies work and what doesn't and encourage all investors to talk to us about our range of investment services:

We recommend you read our Investment Philosophy to understand what we stand for as a business. Please contact Momentum Financial Group investment advisors in Geelong or Horsham for a free copy and a free consultation to assess your portfolio. 

Take a look at documents from Momentum Financial Group's Understanding Series

For more information on financial planning, superannuation strategies, insurance and estate planning please email Scott Kitchin or phone him at our Geelong office.  We can also help you with business coaching Horsham and Geelong.

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