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Momentum Financial Group

How to Fund Your Growing Business

Horsham and Geelong 

Do you need innovative business advice on how to fund your growing business? A wide range of financing options exist, each with their pros and cons. At Momentum Financial Group we know the financial market, and have the experience to assist you in securing the best financing option for your personal and business goals. Our experience in the market means we are also able to structure debt upon acquisition to maximise tax advantages.

Most businesses need to raise extra capital or funding at some stage in their growth. Whether it be bank finance or other finance sources to attract funding for your business from all types of investors you need to have a solid business plan, good business systems, a strong team, positive business ratios, clear competitive advantages and evidence of forward planning to keep ahead of the field.

We actively assist in the preparation of proposals for financial institutions, enhancing outcomes, perception of the business and mitigate risks which ultimately lead to reduce the risk premium charged. Ensuring your business has the appropriate level of funding to meet its growth objectives.

Let our experienced team explore with you the best financing options to get your growing business closer to its goals and meeting its full potential. We can also help you with business consulting services such as business coaching and financial planning Geelong and Horsham.