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Momentum Financial Group

Fringe Benefit Tax

Horsham and Geelong

Momentum Financial Group are tax accountants servicing Geelong, Horsham and regional Victoria. Phone us for advice on fringe benefits tax and other taxation services for your small to medium sized business. As part of our tax services we can offer you advice on:

  • fringe benefits tax categories
  • fringe benefits tax inclusions and exclusions
  • how to reduce your fringe benefits tax.

Fringe benefits tax (FBT) is paid on particular benefits employers provide to their employees or their employees' associates instead of salary or wages. Benefits can be provided by an employer, an associate of an employer, or a third party by arrangement with an employer. An employee can be a former, current, or future employee.

FBT is separate from income tax and based on the taxable value of the various fringe benefits provided. The FBT year runs from 1 April - 31 March.

For further advice, make an appointment with tax accountants at Momentum Finacnial Group. We can also help you with financial advisors and investment advisors Geelong and Horsham.