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Momentum Financial Group

Financial Planning

Horsham and Geelong

Momentum Financial Group are dedicated to providing  financial planning services for you and your business. The role of a financial planner is often mistaken or positioned in a bad way. You need to be clear:

  • Financial planners cannot predict financial markets with supreme accuracy
  • Financial planners cannot pick stocks ahead of time with supreme accuracy
  • Financial Planners cannot reliably outperform Index (market) returns, net of fees and taxes, consistently and reliably over an extended period of time.

A wise financial planner understands what can and cannot be achieved for a client. Be very concerned if a financial advisor, financial planner or stockbroker tells you that they can "beat the market", "forecast share price movements by stock" or "we have great research". Let the alarm bells ring loud!

A smart financial planner has a sound investment philosophy that has been back-tested and stands the test of time - and the test of all market conditions.

A trusted financial planner does not rely on product commissions as a source of income.

A successful financial planner receives referrals by delivering outstanding results - this is how we grow our business. 

Don't take unnecessary risks with your future. Allow the professionals at Momentum Financial Group guide you towards achieving your financial goals. As a consultancy firm for financial planning we also have a team of investment advisors and financial advisors Geelong and Horsham.

Take a look at these PDFs for information and  that could help you with your financial planning:

Dixon Cambridge - Geelong Financial Planners  

Dixon Cambridge Partners is an Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited ABN 96 002 071 749, Australian Financial Services Licensee. Dixon Cambridge Partners is a separate company that is a financial planning business and does not provide Accounting or Taxation Advice. Please note that Dixon Cambridge Partners is not responsible for any Taxation, Accounting or Business Advice provided to clients of Momentum Financial Group. These companies operate independently. Scott Kitchin is the Director and Authorised Representative in relation to Financial Planning Advice provided by Dixon Cambridge Partners.