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Momentum Financial Group

Engineers and Fabricators

Horsham and Geelong

A good engineering business must know its gross profit per job, staff productivity, average hourly rate and discounted cash flow. Just to name some of the key drivers! Our business has many successful businesses in this sector, of all sizes. We have business clients with revenue of $500,000 and others with revenue of $20,000,000. We have developed a specialised reporting system for owners to track the key drivers of the business, which has enormous value to the owner. We can help you drive the business, maximize your goodwill, significantly improve your cash flow and build personal wealth away from the business.

Momentum Financial Group is always looking for more businesses to work with in the engineering and fabricating portfolio.  Please call us at our Geelong office on 03 5221 9133. We can also help you with financial planners and investment advisors Horsham and Geelong.