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Momentum Financial Group

Cashflow and Budget Preparation

Horsham and Geelong

A cash flow forecast is an essential management tool. You need to update this money map on a regular basis and use it as a working document to help you attain profit targets and manage cash effectively. Momentum's business consultants can work closely with you to build a forecast tailored specifically for your business, taking into account seasonality and other issues that affect your business.

There are two important stages in the development of budgets: firstly the preparation of the forecasted profit and loss account and secondly (and very importantly) having a system to ensure that action is taken when the actual results differ significantly from those predicted. We can meet with you on a monthly or quarterly basis to act as an independent sounding board, help you interpret any differences arising from comparing actual and forecast results and make recommendations for keeping the business on track. A well known business saying is “What gets monitored gets managed.” A forecast profit and loss account plan is as important for a business as preparing a flight plan is for a pilot.

Let Momentum Financial Group show you how a budget is able to provide feedback and cashflow forecasting allowing you to prepare for the future of your business. We can also assist you with business coaching and be your investment advisors Geelong and Horsham.