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Momentum Financial Group

Business Valuations

Horsham and Geelong 

Do you really know what your business is worth right now? There are a number of reasons why a business valuation may be required. If you are buying or selling a business you will need to determine its value prior to negotiating on price. This means that you are working out whether you are paying a fair price if you are buying or ensuring you are getting a reasonable price when you sell. You may also need to know the value of your business if you are seeking finance or involved in a family law matter. Valuing a business involves more than just looking at the figures or applying a rule of thumb and requires an in-depth knowledge of valuation methodology. A real benefit in getting us to value your business using our world class technology means that you can work out how to improve the value of your business before you decide to sell. We will also explain to you which business value drivers you need to work on to increase your business value PLUS you will be making more profits and be enjoying more cash flow in the meantime!

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Business Value Gap Analysis

Is selling your business and using the proceeds part of your future retirement plans? A "Business Value Gap" is the difference between the value of your business today and what you need it to be at the time of sale. Business Value Gap Analysis is a simple process of determining your income, assets and business value (now and at retirement) and strategies to improve business profit and wealth. By identifying this gap and the drivers of business valuation, strategies can be implemented to ensure it is worth what it needs to be at the time of sale.

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Choose Momentum Financial Group for a professional and accurate business valuation service in Geelong, Horsham or regional Victoria. More than business advisors, we can also be your accountant and investment advisors for your Geelong and Horsham business.