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Momentum Financial Group

Business Plans

Horsham and Geelong

Your business is a dynamic organisation and everyone should live and breathe the vision as embodied in your strategic business plan. The plan should guide you when major decisions are required. Yet, at Momentum Financial Group, we are surprised at how few businesses invest sufficient time on these vital aspects of management. For your strategy to succeed, it is vital that everyone who needs to know about it is informed. You should ensure that everyone understands the purpose and direction of the business and what their individual and collective roles are in making it happen. Ideally, this should be linked to some form of regular monitoring to ensure those roles are being fulfilled. After all, if everyone does everything they are required to do under the plan, the business will achieve all its goals. 

For further advice, make an appointment to talk about business plans and other business services at Momentum Financial Group in our Geelong or Wimmera office in Horsham. We also have a team of accountants and financial advisors Horsham and Geelong to help in the smooth and successful running of your business.