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Momentum Financial Group

Business Ownership Transition

Horsham and Geelong

Through Momentum Financial Group's Succession and Transition Program, we can help current and future business owners with an effective method of transitioning business ownership.

The program focuses on achieving three key outcomes:

  1. To provide the exiting owners an effective sell down of equity taking into account timing, price and lifestyle considerations
  2. To provide new owners the opportunity to buy in to the business on a structures basis that minimises their risks and maximises their opportunities
  3. Ensuring the business transitions to its next phase in a seamless fashion.

The Succession and Transition Program can be used for businesses with single or multiple owners. The program has proven successful with many businesses across a range of industries.

The program typically follows a structured staged process which includes:

  • Owner's strategy
  • Education and awareness
  • Alignment
  • Strategy
  • Advice
  • Support
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Talk to business consultants at Momentum Financial Group about how to make your business ownership transition a smooth process. As a complete consultation team for your business we can also help you with investment advisors and accountants Geelong and Horsham.