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Momentum Financial Group

Business Health Check

Geelong and Horsham 

Have you checked the health of your business lately? Do you know how well your business is performing? What you should be aiming for? It's no good relying on once-yearly figures from your accountant. These might tell you how well your business performed last year, but what has happened in the months since? The key to building a profitable business is to find out what is working and what is not, and then eliminate what's not working. The more quickly and regularly you do this, the more opportunities you have to correct trends before they might damage your business. Some key aspects you might be interested in are:

  1. How profitable is your business? (Are you making enough margin?)
  2. How efficient is your business? (Are you running the business effectively?)
  3. How liquid is your business? (Are you solvent? Can you pay your bills?)
  4. Has the financial structure of your business changed? (How much do you own, and what's the debt level?
Ask us today about a Health Check for your business to help you to understand your financial situation and to help you make better informed and more effective business decisions. Take the practical business advice of business consultant professionals at Momentum Financial Group to ensure the continual success of your venture. We can also help you with business coaching and financial planning Horsham and Geelong.