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Momentum Financial Group

Board Facilitation

Horsham and Geelong 

Family business and fast-growing SMEs often need a board of directors or advisors to take a business to the next level.

A board of directors can help and suit family business owners as they can assist with direction and leadership of the business and ensure the business has the appropriate level of control.

Momentum source and provide outside areas of expertise including finance, sales, law and marketing and then facilitate by putting in place a formal process with regular monthly/quarterly two-hour meetings with a formal agenda and minutes.

Benefits of board facilitation:

  • The reason for having a board is to help companies go from very small to strong growth, and making sure they have the right processes in place.
  • It is important a strong board exists for any business which is trying to raise capital. Banks and financiers scrutinise companies' strategies and governance structures so a board can reassure potential financiers that the business is actually ready for growth
  • Provides alignment for stakeholders
  • Provides independent outside business experience and advice
  • Adds skills that might be lacking and board members can complement skills of current people inside the organisation
  • A board enhances business credibility.

Make an appointment at Momentum Financial Group to talk about board facilitation and our business coaching services. We also have a team of accountants and investment advisors Horsham and Geelong.