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Momentum Financial Group

August 30, 2013
Geelong Accountants

Governance in Business

As experienced Geelong Accountants we have seen many clients run their business is many different ways.

In the wake of the Essendon failings in ‘organizational governance’ we thought it would be appropriate to spend a moment exploring the meaning of governance in business. What is concerning and common is for a business owner to employ key people to run divisions in the business i.e. bookkeeper, sales team, manager etc. The benefit of doing this is that you, as the owner, can spend more time focusing on the areas of your business that you like and see as most critical to sustained success. The problem in heavy delegation is that you lose touch with what is happening at the core of your business.

As the owner and Director, you are fully responsible so do not place 100% trust in others to do your job for you.

There is a balance that needs to be carefully found and our business advisers can help you create and elite performing culture with strong governance to minimise the chance of ever having unforeseen problem.

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