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Momentum Financial Group

April 17, 2013
Tax Planning Geelong

April is no time for fools..!

Being a Geelong Accountant is sometimes the most rewarding job I could think of.

In April, our clients have finalized their 2012 compliance work and are now in the middle of tax planning and wealth creation discussions.

As a proactive adviser, our value is not telling our clients what happened last year, it is ensuring that we create certainty about tomorrow and the years to come. We can learn from the past but not change it. We can significantly impact the financial wellbeing of our clients' future and that is what we focus on.

If you are a business owner or investor and have not got a clearly articulated plan that provides clarity, certainty and direction then perhaps your adviser is not as proactive as they should be. April is a time for serious planning and is not a month for the ‘fool'.

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Scott Kitchin