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Momentum Financial Group

December 20, 2012
Financial Planning and Investing in Geelong

Investment and Financial Planning....

Investing and money decisions are difficult to focus on in December as a general rule.

Many of our Financial Planning clients in Geelong have just had their bi-annual portfolio re-balance which has been a good experience for most. The recent buoyancy in asset classes has seen a nice appreciation in the portfolio balance - always nice to see.

The point of this blog is to remind you that volatility exists and diversification matters. Never fall into the trap of assuming that one asset class (i.e. Australian Shares) is always the safe haven. True, it may be the most appropriate but always remember that diversification matters.

What does this mean? Put simply, consistent reliable results compound to a greater sum in many cases. My warning is not to become overly confident in one asset class and never assume you know more than the collective wisdom of the market.

Many investors learnt the hard way since 2007 - don't be that stupid again...!

As the leading Geelong Financial Planner and Investment Adviser to Geelong residents, we encourage you to be the skeptic and not the optimist. Your conservatism may reward you.

Scott Kitchin
Momentum Financial Group

December 17, 2012
Accounting Firm Geelong

Celebrate the Achievements....

Being one the few Geelong Accountants that has a dedicated Business Advisory and Business Coaching division, we see many businesses achieve some great moments.

Whilst the continual pursuit for more locks the focus on what is not yet achieved it is important to reflect. We like the hunger and dedication of our business owner clients; however reflection brings a calming balance and perspective.

For a moment, perhaps a few days, write on you whiteboard the achievements of 2012. Do not list the goals that you are still working towards. Tell the team (staff) of these achievements and make them proud to be part of your business. You need them and you should include them in your celebration.

As a business owner you are a winner. You have been brave enough to venture into the unknown and put your own finances, reputation and pride on the line....well done.

At Momentum Financial Group, we are striving to be the leading Geelong Accountant that delivers more profit, more cash flow and more fun to the lives of business owners.

Scott Kitchin
Momentum Financial Group