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Momentum Financial Group

November 13, 2012
Business Valuation

Where is the Value?

When a business owner thinks of retirement they quite often make the comment "this business is my super". What a frightening thought.

The reason I am writing about this common situation is because a business owner rarely can estimate the value of their own business. Too often they have their rose colored glasses on.

Getting a specialist business valuation firm like Momentum Financial Group to determine the real value of your business should take place no less than 5 years before retirement (at least). You need to keep it real and get specialist advice.

Once you have received the business valuation, you have two choices;

  1. Increase the Value (because your original estimate was too high)
  2. Preserve the Value (make sure you hold market share and keep relevant with your consumers)

Momentum Financial Group uses the valuation as step 1. Being the proactive accountants we are, we then move into a Value Growth program that is designed to dramatically increase the value of your business.

To all readers of this blog, you are entitled to a FREE BUSINESS VALUE GAP ASSESSMENT normally valued at $ 03 5221 9133. Momentum Financial Group is the leading Business Valuation experts in Geelong and Horsham.

Scott Kitchin - Director