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October 4, 2012
Business Advice in Tough Times

How do Geelong Businesses thrive in difficult times?

Many clients tell us how tough business is at the moment. It is true, for many SME's the economic environment is really tough. 

What sets great businesses apart is their ability to take advantage of these times and not let it distract them and say "it's all too hard". Sure enough, there are many owners that just don't have the desire to be great and there is nothing wrong with that. These people are not clients of our business though.

A great business owner confronts the challenge and looks for the opportunity, for example:

  1. What products are in demand - focus and anticipate
  2. Where are your margins best achieved - focus on the 'low hanging fruit'
  3. Where is cash locked up in your business - set a 14 day plan to unlock your cash flow
  4. Motivate Staff - put in place incentives and educate them about the areas in the business to focus on. Get them engaged.
  5. Strategy - where can you maximise opportunity and out position your competition. Business is tough, get focused.

To understand how the best Accountants drive their clients to GREAT SUCCESS, call the team at Momentum Financial Group on 03 5221 9133. Our firm has been the leading Geelong Business Adviser & Geelong Business Coach driving local business to new levels!

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Scott Kitchin