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August 29, 2012
Accountant or Advisor?

The Role of “The Accountant”

What many business owners don’t get is that “the Accountant” is far more than that. My personal view is that this is not the fault of the client, the Accountant quite simply has not made them aware of the incredible value they can add.

Accountants need to pick up their game.

“The Accountant” as they are often referred to, should be referred to as “My Advisor”. The value that can be delivered to clients is enormous, unfortunately the Accountants bogged down in the muck of compliance work are not able to provide it fully. You need a proactive Advisor more than “the Accountant”.

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Momentum Financial Group
Chartered Accountants
Scott Kitchin

August 15, 2012
Accountant Geelong

Get your Sh$t together…

As the leading Chartered Accountant in Geelong we come across all types of businesses.

When we analyse why the great businesses are great and why the average businesses are average – we conclude these 5 key points: 

  1. The owner of the business is a business person NOT a business operator. He/she makes strong and decisive business decisions.
  2. The owner is focused on making a sustainable profit without reliance on one person. Many people think they have a business but when we ask “what profit would the business make if you were not there for 12 months” – many would fail. 
  3. Get a grip on your numbers. You need to know your weekly KPI’s and have a monthly Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet. The more you understand your business the better you will become at making key and critical decisions.
  4. Trust great people. Whether it is your Manager, Accountant or Key staff member you need to train, empower and trust them to deliver. Strong businesses have a great culture and have high performing people. Success breeds success.
  5. Value and Growth. You need to understand what actions will drive revenue by 20% p.a. and what outcomes will drive Value by > 20% p.a.

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Scott Kitchin
Momentum Financial Group