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May 10, 2012
Tax Planning Geelong

Geelong Financial Planner issues warning...

As tax planning becomes a major topic amongst Geelong businesses it is critical to remain focused on making quality decisions.

When clients join our firm, we uncover some horrible tax planning decisions that come back to haunt investors and business owners. Unfortunately this happens all too often and we hope this will become a thing of the past.

Being the leading Geelong Financial Planner and Geelong Accountant for small business we recommend all business owners and investors consider the long term impact of your decisions. Do not focus on the short term tax benefit, consider the long term return on capital as the benchmark for the decision.

A sound decision needs objective and robust discussion and should be based on the quality of underlying asset. Also consider the promoter of the strategy, what do they stand to gain by your decision? Don't be afraid to ask hard questions of your advisers, keep them accountable for every decision.

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