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April 13, 2012
Accounting Geelong

Don't settle for GOOD when GREAT is a real option

Being the leading Geelong Accountant in relation to advising the SME market we come across many situations, businesses and business owners.

What does concern us is the level of complacency or lack of desire to be GREAT. Attitude can drive performance on so many levels and when clients join our firm they soon realize they will be challenged on all levels. For some this is a turning point in the business life with many happier and more profitable days to come.

If we can transition a business from GOOD to GREAT it is extremely rewarding for our firm, our team and the relationship we develop with our clients extends from professional to personal depths. We like that.

The message here is "to have a break through, you need to have a break with"...I encourage all business owners that are ready to make the transition from GOOD to GREAT to start with themselves. Get your own attitude, focus, values and drive clarified and instill that throughout every level of your business.

We are the leading Geelong Accountant in driving business performance and Coaching you to new levels.

  • Be Open minded
  • Be Brave
  • Be Advised
  • Be Rewarded


Please call our team on 03 5221 9133 to start the most exciting journey in your business life...

Momentum Financial Group
Geelong Accountant
Scott Kitchin

April 5, 2012
Financial Planning and Social Media

Using Social Media to Grow

So you think Social media won't affect your business? Think again!

Traditional Media (Radio, TV, Print) depends on intercepting the consumer, cutting through clutter, getting attention. It's no longer about shouting the loudest. Only 14% of consumers trust advertising yet 78% trust peer recommendations. Today, people get their information online.

Social media is a way of thinking and marketing. It's about building a dialogue with your customers, co-workers and potential employees which gives you a low cost way of connecting with your community by providing a platform that can make you an object of interest.

You can significantly improve your marketing ROI by integrating a highly strategic social media marketing campaign into your marketing mix.

As business advisors and proactive accountants we often get asked about the viability of using social media as a promotional tool to grow business and we work closely with companies that offer this service. If you would like to know more about using social media to grow your business, contact us

Mark Ainsworth CA
Momentum Financial Group