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March 23, 2012
Financial Planner Geelong

Geelong Financial Planner - Investor Tip # 1

As a leading Geelong Financial Planner we come across many client situations and investment strategies - some good and most bad.

Over the coming weeks we will publish some useful tips to investors and retirees to assist them:

  • Preserve their capital
  • Grow their capital at a rate that is relative to the risk exposure within the portfolio
  • Reduce unnecessary investment fees, taxes and costs

Our three tips for today are:

  1. Ensure your financial adviser does not receive income from commission based products. They should be paid for the value they deliver. Seek clarity on this.
  2. Ask your adviser "On what basis has he recommended these investments?" If the answer is "recent performance says XYZ" - be very concerned. Recent performance is no guarantee of future performance and recent performance should NEVER be the basis of future investments.
  3. Ask your adviser "how has this portfolio performed in comparison to the ASX200 (industry benchmark) over the past 10 and 20 years?" If you are met with silence, diversion or avoidance on the questions - be concerned. The portfolio you are recommended with should have been back tested to see what performance in good times and bad would have been delivered.

At Momentum Financial Group and Dixon Cambridge Partners we enjoy being the leading Geelong Financial Planner because our philosophy surrounding investing and wealth creation is second to none.

Please contact our office on +61 3 5221 9351 to discuss your financial situation with an expert.

Scott Kitchin

Financial Planner Geelong

March 7, 2012
Geelong Small Business Accountants

Are Geelong Accountants doing enough for Small Business?

When business conditions are tough and pressures on cash flow, margins and staff increase, you need the support of a Proactive Accountant.

As a small business owner in Geelong, I am no different to you. We all face similar issues from day to day but it is how you respond in times like this that makes all the difference.

What is pleasing to us is the fact that many of our clients are outperforming others in their industry and exceeding industry benchmarks considerably. That is hugely rewarding for our business as their principal advisor.

The role of an Accountant or business coach in Geelong is so much more than a compliance role. In fact, the accountants in Geelong that rely on compliance work for growth will die over time. A big statement, but the times are changing.

Geelong accountants like Momentum FG are in the box seat to see continued success. We are focused on business growth and business strategies and to us, compliance work will  represent less than 40% of our fee base over the coming period.

We are proud of the results we achieve with our clients, and the regular referrals we get from our clients is testament to the value they receive.

It is important for the local economy that Geelong accountants be proactive and spend more time advising clients and making their business journey more successful. The better performing accountants in Geelong are the ones that with successful and loyal clients.

To be part of our successful team, call + 61 3 5221 9133 for a no obligation discussion about your business. We would love the opportunity to supercharge your business.

Scott Kitchin
Momentum Financial Group
Geelong Accountants