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Momentum Financial Group

February 16, 2012
Geelong Business Valuations

Business Valuations Geelong, Melbourne

Business valuations are needed for many purposes, some of which are:

  • Family Law Valuations - when a marriage breaks down the family business will need to be valued
  • Entry or Exit of Business Partners - these events may require a Business Valuation
  • Strategy - all business owners need to have a commercial understanding in relation to the value of their business. Most owners have an inflated view in relation to the value of their business. As part of a Retirement Planning process, you need to keep the numbers real.
  • Sale of Business - if you were to sell you business you need to understand and be able to justify the value of your business.

Momentum Financial Group and specialist providers of Business Valuations in Geelong and Melbourne.

Momentum Financial group are BSTAR Partners and accredited experts in providing Business Valuations.

February 9, 2012
Geelong Accountant

Business owners need to get tough..!

As Geelong Accountants and Business Advisors we see many businesses in action. Some business are very strong, disciplined and profitable, whilst others just plod along with no real purpose, drive or energy.

In what has now become a very difficult time in the business cycle, business owners need to get tough about the way the run their businesses. In fact, a business that doesn't provide a commercial salary for owner PLUS a good return on capital should really consider why they remain in business.

We see business owners of all shapes and sizes come and go and the sad reality is that they think they are a business owner, the truth is they are merely a business operator. There is a big difference.

Most recently we are seeing business owners struggle to made the hard call. They are soft. Being in business is tough in good times and incredibly tough in bad times, it is a dog eat dog environment at the moment. The smart, tough business owner is the only one that will survive.

If you need to make a call and make employees redundant  - then do it.

If you need to remove a stock line - then do it.

If you need to need to restructure - then do it.

If you need to sack clients that are slow payers - then do it.

The one guarantee is that if you are reactionary and do not make tough decisions when tough decisions are needed - you will most likely fail.

The great and refreshing upside to this climate is that you have a Geelong Accountant that specialises in small business. Momentum are the leading Geelong Accountant in working, coaching and advising small businesses through tough times. We are your best friend in times like this so please make a tough decision and get new advice, new thoughts, new strategy and enjoy a new business experience.

We are the Geelong Accountant that guarantees our advice.