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Momentum Financial Group

November 17, 2011
Financial Planning Geelong

Business Structures need Care and Attention!

As the leading Geelong Accountant in relation to structuring the business affairs of clients, we are alarmed at the number of Geelong Businesses that operate with an inappropriate or non-current structure.

There are several structures that Business Owners should consider, typically the most popular are Discretionary Trusts, Companies and Unit/Fixed/Hybrid Trusts. What we are noticing as many clients join our firm is the Trust Deeds are out of date, Share capital and loan accounts out of order and structuring of owner benefits not being setup to achieve the best outcome.

It is critical for a business to have a strong structure that provides Asset Protection, Taxation Efficiency and ease of operation.

If you are a business that uses one of the structures mentioned and you have not had an update in the past 12 months you should be very concerned and have this reviewed immediately.

Momentum Financial Group are the leading Geelong Business Accountant in relation to structuring and growing SME's. Our clients are typically businesses with 5-50 employees whom demonstrate a willingness to grow and develop their business and improve their personal wealth.

We encourage all Geelong Business Owners to contact us for a FREE no obligation review normally valued at $550.

Scott Kitchin
Momentum Financial Group