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September 5, 2011
Does your Accountant really meet your requirements?

Does your Accountant really meet your requirements? 

There are lots of accountants in your area that say they are experts in so many areas. Have you ever asked yourself “how much of this is rubbish advertising”? 

Accountants are not the same and never will be, let’s get that clear right now. 

Accountants in Geelong are no different, some a great, some are good and some are less than average. The key here is to understand what you want in your Accountant and then determine if your Accountant is the leader in providing this type of service. 

It is pointless using a compliance accountant if you are looking for strategic business advice or business coaching. Again, if you want high level technical advice you need to find an accountant in Geelong that has the resources and backing to deliver the skill and knowledge.  

Businesses in Geelong should all ask themselves “what do I really want from my accountant”? then find an accountant that is the absolute leader in these areas. Do not make the mistake of retaining your current accountant just because you have had a relationship for many years, if you take this approach you are doing a disservice to your business. 

Momentum Financial Group is a leading accountant in Geelong with primary expertise in tax structuring, business advice and business coaching

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Scott Kitchin
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