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July 7, 2011
Business Coaching Tips

5 Business Coaching Tips for 2011

By Geelong's leading Accounting and Business Coaching firm, Momentum Financial Group.

Tip # 1 Do not allow costs to grow in line with revenue

It is difficult enough to grow business revenue and sustain it. By allowing costs to increase with revenue your profit percentage has not altered and you are working harder for no additional benefit. Why bother!

Tip # 2 Fully service your current clients before attracting new clients

There is a cost to attracting new clients and the cost might be substantial. Before looking outside your backyard, take a good hard look in your backyard as there most likely is 20% growth just sitting there.

Tip # 3 Time is Value

Do not spend considerable amounts of time on tasks that others can do. Prioritise the tasks and actions that will impact revenue and profit, then delegate the rest to your team. Don't HOG the work and don't underestimate the capability of your team. Give them wings!

Tip # 4 Understand your DNA

All businesses have a DNA, do you know what yours is? Your DNA is the formula that maximises gross profit and net profit...get smart and focus on the best ways to increase your profit. In most cases there is an easier way.

Tip # 5 Momentum is your best resource

We are the leading business coaching firm in Geelong. Our tools, skills and experience can make your business life more profitable and more enjoyable so don't make the mistake of thinking we are only accountants. We are your biggest and best resource and we are ready to help.

Scott Kitchin
Momentum Financial Group
Accounting - Investment - Advisory

July 1, 2011
End of the 2011 Financial Year

End of the 2011 Financial Year

When you sit back and think about the financial year that ended yesterday, are your emotions telling you that it was a Great Year or was it another lost opportunity that started with great intentions but ended with a ‘same same’ result? Why did you succeed or why did you fail – document it.

If you did not have your best year in business what are you going to do differently today, to ensure you don’t let another mediocre year exist in your life?

It starts today, the first day of July is a new beginning and you should start by getting serious about your business performance, financial situation and quality of life.

Momentum Financial Group is not only Geelong’s leading accountant, it is the most strategic business advisory firm in the region. We can help and we want to help. It starts today.

We encourage all business owners to revisit why they are in business. Are you successful? Could you be more successful? And – what are you going to do differently TODAY to improve TOMORROW.

Let’s get serious about it.

Scott Kitchin
Momentum Financial Group
Accounting – Investment – Advisory